When mom comes looking for her slipper #TheMacySpace

Something else about me is that I love shoes! Especially my brothers shoes and moms slippers

When mom is in the shower, I like to take one to my bed and lick it. I don’t eat it, that would be silly. But when mom gets out of the shower, she comes hobbling over to my bed with one slipper on, looking for the other.

She always seems to find me. And I do feel a little guilty… sometimes.

Having a lazy day #TheMacySpace

Today has been a boring day, compared to the last week. My dad and brother were home sick. Today is the first day that it is just me and my mom, again. It’s very quiet.

We both laid around for a few minutes after they went to school and work. And then she wanted to make me some treats! I had been out of my special treats for a couple of days now and she made a big batch this time.

While mom was baking, I got to play outside for a bit. It is so pretty out there. The neighbor dogs were sniffing and scratching on the fence, so I yelled at them for a few minutes. They don’t yell back, but I made sure they knew I was there.

Well that was enough excitement for now. I am going to go take a nap.

P.S. Here is the recipe for those yummy treats mom made this morning.

Carrot Sweet Potato Pea Dog Treats

Milk Bone Gnaw Bones (mini) – Rawhide free #TheMacySpace

With my mom being a blogger, we get to try a lot of cool stuff for free. Through the Walmart Spark Reviewer Club, she was able to snag a bag of these Milk Bone Gnaw Bones. I was super excited to try it. It’s made with chicken! Plus it’s rawhide free and good for my teeth.

Mom was hopeful that this would last a while. I ate it in less than 2 minutes. She seemed sad. I guess it wasn’t as long lasting as she had hoped.

This bone may be better for small dogs with less jaw strength.

Welcome to The Macy Space!

Hello visitors! My name is Macy. And this is my ”Macy Space”.

Here is a little about me:  I’m a Black, Labrador Retriever mix, a little over a year old.  My owners say that I have a beautiful shiny black coat, (but I also have a small white patch on my chest, and little white whiskers on my chin). My eyes are brown, just like my mom and my brother.

My forever family rescued me on December 29, 2019 from the Humane Society downtown, so now I have a Mom, a Dad a brother, and my very own back yard. 

My brother is 5 years old, (going on 15), and he has too much energy for his size as well.  We’re still “figuring each other out”, but we have a lot of fun together and I think we’re going to be the best of friends. 

I love toys… Toys, toys, toys… Squeaky ones, tennis balls, soft plushie ones, (or anything my brother shakes near me could also be a “potential toy”… (whether he meant for it to be or not)) I love them all.  I also like to run and jump a lot, (like “A LOT” a lot).  I’m going to start training to be a good ”frisbee dog”.  

Being a Lab mix, I don’t mind the water either, (shocker I know).  I’ve actually walked into the shower when my parents are in there a few times, and it was fine. I just stood there… Water beating down…  Didn’t bother me at all… It was kind of like a Puppy Spa. They‘ve started giving me a bath when I do it, so it’s kinda cool.

During the week, I spend a lot of time with my Mom (while Dad’s at work and Tommy is at school). Mom has chronic pain, so we get lots of cuddle time, (this is new to me, but I dig it a lot, (like almost as much as running)). We play with toys, and she also bake treats, just for me. Mom really loves to bake and she’s pretty good at it, I think.

My brother is in Kindergarten, and although I love cuddle time, I can’t wait until he comes home from school. He always wants to play with me, and he rarely runs out of energy. That’s fun for me and he seems to like it as well.  Lol

My Dad works for a company that actually manufactures pet products. He even gets to bring home treats, (and other products) for me to enjoy from time to time. I really like his job.  They‘ll even let me come to his office on Fridays and hang out with my Dad all day.  How cool is that?

As I mentioned before, I love to cuddle. day or night, I’m ready.  Just pet my head, and make a spot, and I’m laying beside you, ready for cuddles. I don’t know too many tricks yet, but my family has been working with me on a few most dogs should know. So far, I can sit, lay down, sit pretty and shake when asked. And I can ring the bell, when I need to go outside as well. They give me yummy treats when I learn (and complete) the many tricks I’ve learned. 

Well, that’s about it for now.  Hopefully that lets you know a little about me, and I hope you enjoy following me in my journey with my forever family. We’ll have a lot fun and I’m excited to share my weekly adventures with you. 

~ Macy 

The Macy Space